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Our Mission

We provide solutions to business owners and sales people who have a great product (Your "What") or a purpose (Your "Why"), but want help with their process (Your "How").

Meet The Team

Matt Deulley

President  | Presenter

Matt Deulley, an expert in communication and personality science, is a businessman, entrepreneur, attorney, and consultant with over 20 years experience in sales, training, management. Prior to founding Sync, Matt served for several years at McColly Companies as General Counsel, where he was a featured presenter at conventions, meetings, and conferences, as well as a regular teacher at McColly University. Matt was instrumental in managing McColly's various strategic relationships and affiliated businesses, but his extensive background also includes experience at UPS in management, recognition as a nationally ranked salesperson with Sprint, and growth of a scratch law office into one of the largest bankruptcy practices in the county. Matt specializes in partnering with business owners, entrepreneurs, independent contactors, salespeople, and even other consultants to create a better "how" to Surge your Sales, Cultivate workplace Culture, and Gain marketplace Growth! Understanding the issues that many of you are in, Matt's passion is that everyone of you in business gets to experience this, so that you can enjoy family, community, and life to its fullest extent beyond work. Just as Matt does at his home in Valparaiso, IN with his wife, Ashley, his son and daughter, and 2 dogs.

Mark Deulley

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Deulley is a sales consultant and financial coach.
After 8 years working as a licensed banker and financial advisor for Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank, and OneAmerica Securities, Mark was hired by Sync Consulting as Chief Financial Officer. He has spent the last two years travelling and speaking about financial education at multiple not-for-profits, such as Junior Achievement & Encouraging Entrepreneurs. Mark lives in Valparaiso, IN with his wife, Rochelle, and his four-year-old daughter, Vivian. He enjoys playing board games with his friends, being commissioner of a fantasy football league, and taking his daughter for ice cream.

Connie Deulley

Communication Coach

Connie Deulley’s life purpose is to help others discover their value so that lives and cultures are transformed.
She began her own life transforming journey in 1980 pursuing emotional and spiritual development, rooted in serving and encouraging those in her spheres of influence. Connie is a wife, mother, grandmother, life coach, and leader in business and faith based communities. In 2016, she transferred into a newly created position as the Culture Coach at The Gund Company, where she had worked for over 20 years in Customer Service. Her new role has given her the privilege to travel and be a message that touch lives.

ync elieves

Valued Families Impact Communities And Change the World!

Values Families

Valued Families

Think about a workplace that you are inspired to show up to and feel fulfilled by the end of the day. Doesn't it sound like a place you may not mind showing up to the next day? In fact, doesn't it sound like a place that you might actually like going to. At Sync, we define family as not just what you go home to, but rather your coworkers, employees, bosses, clients, partners, and business relationships...your work family. Considering that many of us spend more time at work than with our families at home, your work family cannot be ignored. Therefore, we all must work to build a workplace environment and culture that inspires one another and creates fulfillment through genuine communication and transparent relationships. Moreover, businesses that respect, acknowledge, and even encourage better work-home life balances are achieving this everyday.

Impact Communities

Impact Communities

Think about those same employees that were inspired to go to work and now feel fulfilled by the end of their day. Don't you think that they just may take their "good mood" home with them? Or even opposite, have you ever ran into an individual after they had a bad day at work (Please don't ask my wife)? You see, when we place a value on family, whether that's our personal or work families, it has no choice but to influence our other environments. Whether we like it or not, the environment that we primarily surround ourselves in impacts our personal family when we get home, our friends that we meet up with, the host at our favorite restaurant, or even the stranger at the gas station.

Change the World

Change the World

Have you ever heard of the ripple effect? The concept that a small pebble dropped in a pond can send ripples moving outward that affect water no where near where the pebble was originally dropped. Think about small instances of goodwill create a long lasting impression or affect others' situations that we could never imagine. Ever experience pay it forward, drive thru lines that prepay other people's orders, or even generosity that seems to occur around the holiday season? You never know how someone that is inspired to do something and receives fulfillment from it can impact their community or even change the world!